Monday, June 9, 2014


“SOMEBODY” sure has been getting lazy lately with the Blogging huh !!

Only THREE posts in the entire month of May.

This post was drafted WEEKS ago so here it is now…..finally.

My friend Byron mentioned in the Comments recently that the area I’m in right now is great for motorcycle riding – and it sure is.


But this day it was too cold (for me anyways) to ride the bike so I decided to take a drive to the beautiful little Town of Port Dover.

The thing that Port Dover is mostly known for is the motorcycle rides to there on Friday the 13th – regardless of what month it is in.

“The Friday the 13th tradition started in 1981. Chris Simons and approximately 25 friends, through word of mouth, got together at the Commercial Hotel {The Zoo}, now known as Angelos of Dover.

It was in November and it was Friday the 13th. They had such a good time they decided they should do it every Friday the 13th. And so the tradition was born.  Every Friday the 13th thereafter, the number of people coming to the event has increased.”

Here are a few pictures I got off the Internet from a ‘normal’ Summer Friday the 13th…




It’s all two lane country roads around here passing through one little Town after the next.

I love the fact that Ontario is getting into solar and wind energy.  I’m seeing more and more farms with huge banks of solar panels and lots of those wind turbines around.  Nothing like Arizona and California of course but at least they are starting.


What are these ?


I also like the fact that Ms. Daisy can be turned into a ‘convertible’ with just the flick of a knob.  I did have the heat on though !!


Entering the little Town.


Not a whole lot of people around but there were a few…


This Beach area will be swarming with people by now.


Lake Erie…


And YES, They even have a (small) Harley Davidson store.  With all the bikers that visit this little Town they’d be foolish not to have one.  And GASP, I didn’t even go in !!


Most years there are at least two “Friday the 13th’s” and often three.  This year however there is only ONE – this Friday – June 13th.

Am I going to be there ?  NOT !  I can’t even fathom the crowds that will descent on this little Town and the back up in traffic.  No, I’ll wait until another weekend (when there still will be plenty of fellow riders there) to enjoy a nice bike ride there.

I picked up something for lunch and sat in the car by the Beach…



It was a VERY windy day and this IDIOT decided to take his boat out…


He was really struggling against the waves and most of the time the nose of the boat was straight up in the air.  He wasn’t long coming back !!


Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Boondocking is pretty much not heard of in Canada.  Even fellow RV’ers are not familiar with the term. 

It’s not like there’s not enough land here that’s for sure.  Everywhere I drive around in the rural area I’m at now there are a gazillion acres of land everywhere !


But thanks to BOONDOCKERS WELCOME I was able to secure several places to stay for the course of my six months.  This website was set-up primarily for an over-night or two so my situation was different.

I started in January contacting people within the area I wanted to be and only those who specified “We’ll play it by ear” under the “Max Nights” category.  I explained my situation and the fact that I would like to stay a minimum of three weeks as that is how long I can go before I have to move to deal with the tanks.


I received five positive replies !  I guess I chose the first one randomly.  And I sure got lucky.

This location is in the ‘country’, however, very close all the major conveniences and to the friends/relatives I have in Hamilton.  Plus there are numerous places I can go for a gorgeous, scenic country bike ride.

My ‘hosts’ are just about the nicest people you’d ever want to meet and extremely funny.  I think I’ve laughed more in the last weeks than I have in the past year.  Mrs. J particularly has a great sense of humour.

Remember HERE when I stopped on my way North to have the Ramp Door fixed and I had to have the steel bar removed (that held the winch) in order to do that.

Well I just happened to mention it to Mr. R and next thing you know he’s out to my rig sizing it all up.  Easy to put back on he said.  But, like the guys that took it off said, he didn’t think it should be soldered back on.

A few days later he had brackets welded onto the steel bar….



And next thing you know he’s attaching these brackets to the sides with Mrs. J helping by passing him the tools he needed.


A minor adjustment to the winch and the job is done !!


Of course like any ‘man’ he couldn’t wait to try out the winch and pull up the door.  They do like their electronic toys don’t they.  LOL

I’ve already had problems in the past with these stupid things and had to actually SAW one off.  I blogged about that HERE.


These things are what I use to attach the safety chain to the car.  But they seize up and I can’t get them off so I would have to strap the chain part to the car using Velcro straps.  But I wanted to be able to take the chain off completely when I unhook the car for long periods of time.

So I went out and got these kind instead.


Much easier to work with.


I couldn’t get the old ones off and asked Mr. R if he had some kind of cutter (you should see his garage – he has EVERYTHING !!) to get them off.

At the crack of dawn the next morning – and I mean it wasn’t even 10:00AM !!! -  I notice Mr. R walking by.  I look out and this is what I see.


SANDIE, It’s like having my very own Jim around !!

Yup !  Another job done.  THEN he asks me if there’s anything else I needed done !!

Although he is retired he does have a HUGE house and a HUGE property to take care of PLUS he does still work part-time for the nursery.

So the ‘three weeks’ came and I got the rig ready to go do the tanks.  Mr. and Mrs. said I certainly didn’t have to move anywhere else unless I really wanted to.  I certainly wasn’t in the way and they were enjoying my company.

Going into six weeks now and I’m still here and really enjoying it.