Saturday, March 28, 2015


Joe & Tara had not been to the Valley of Fire so they rode their bike there and around the area.  He offered to help me take my bike out but I declined as I had already ridden around there.

Bennie & Milo sure are best buds !!


But we did do some off roading.  Up trails and down trails – many very steep !  So STEEP that on occasion I held my breath and closed my eyes – and I was driving !!  LOL


We wanted to see if we could get to the road shown by the arrow.  Trying to find it, we headed down into an area where the trail was often no more than a cow path.


We ended up back at the boondocking area.  The picture below shows how many rigs hang out there but they are nowhere near as close together as it appears in the picture.

Back down the trail we go.


We would see a dot or two miles away where folks really wanted their solitude.  And off we would go to see if we could find the ‘road’ to there.  And we did !!

One particular trail took us down, down, down to where apparently a body of water had been just past this sign.  No water there now though.


The end of this trail gave us a very pleasant surprise though.


They stared at us so intently.  We were obviously on their turf and they were NOT happy about it.  So they slowly drifted off but never taking their eyes off of us.


Such gorgeous creatures huh.


I ended up spending a week in Overton but all good things come to an end.  Joe and Tara wanted to continue on and explore Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks.  I am not a ‘touristy’ person so those kind of places don’t interest me.

We parted ways with hugs and “See ya in Harrison.” ………….yes, AGAIN !!  lol


With still lots of time before we had to even think about heading North, we had hoped to spend more time at Telephone Cove.  But Joe woke up to this…


The water had risen quite a bit and Joe feared his jacks would sink and he wouldn’t be able to get out of there.  Tara comes over to my spot to tell me the situation and a quick pack up had to be done and we were off.

I was soooo disappointed because I definitely could have spent another few days there.  I was comfortable enough by then to have stayed there on my own.  BUT I was NOT comfortable enough to tackle the 5 Miles of UPHILL to get out of there with the rig and tow.

So I followed Joe UP the hill in the rig and Tara followed me in Ms. Daisy.  Once we got the car hooked up we parted ways with hugs and “See ya in Harrison !”  HEY, haven’t we done this before !!??  LOL

They wanted to spend some time in Vegas and I decided to head to Overton, NV with a brief stop along the way…


Hey !  I had to get my fix ya know !!


I like stopping in Overton.  It’s very quiet there and good for a few days.  There’s absolutely NOTHING to do there and the only riding is through Valley of Fire – which I’ve done – plus they charge you $10 every time you go through there.  So I didn’t even bother to take the bike out.


I wanted to enjoy the warm weather for as long as I could so Overton is a great stop for a few days or a week.  I don’t think I’d want to spend much more time there though.


I spent a couple of quiet, blissful days boondocking and just generally puttering in the rig.

One afternoon I got up from a wee nap and glanced out the window.  What I saw made my eyes open wide and my jaw drop !!!

Guess who I saw pulling in ??  None other than Joe & Tara !!  I, of course, didn’t know they were even in the area and they, of course, didn’t know I was there.


I can’t seem to get rid of those guys !  I think they are STALKING me !!  LOL

Next up, more 4WD’ing around Overton.