Tuesday, April 15, 2014


This cold snap has been predicted on the weather websites for awhile now – but SNOW !!??

Yes, woke up this morning to that gawd awful white stuff AND a temp of 32F/0C – with a “feels like” temp of 25F/MINUS -4C.


My poor little Arizona girl…..


I knew immediately by looking at the solar display screen that I was going to have to get up on the roof and get that snow off the panels.

My fabulous ‘hosts’ here have both 15AMP and 30AMP electrical that they’ve offered to me several times.  I’m just not the type that want to be a bother to anyone and surely not one that is going to impose in any way.

So on the roof I go.  Have you ever been on a skating rink with just smooth soled shoes on ?  Well that’s exactly what the roof was like.  EXTREME caution had to be used.


NOT a pretty sight !


As soon as I got back into the rig I saw my solar – oh how I LOVE my solar – was doing what it was supposed to be doing.  With the snow off the panels it was now pumping in 8 AMPS of juice.


Now 8 AMPS is not a lot – if it were sunny it would be pumping in anywhere from 15 – 20 AMPS but hey I’ll take what I can get.  It is very overcast so I’m surprised it is even pumping in that much.

In no time my battery level went from 12.4 to 13.1.  Several hours later it was at 13.5 – it naturally will not reach a full charge today but all I need is enough to keep my computer and MiFi charged and some juice left for the furnace for overnight tonight.  Tomorrow is going to be another very cold day – but sunny at least.


Ms. Daisy is REALLY not happy !!


My little guy know where to be to stay warm !!


I’m sure glad I got that extra heater – had BOTH going the entire day !!  I now have the Big Buddy and the Little Buddy !  LOL

“Jeeze Mom, You taking ANOTHER picture of me ??  I’m just laying here trying to get warm !!”


A little later the solar was pumping in 10.5 AMPS.


By 1:00PM it was still showing 32F/0C – with a “feels like” 19F/-7C.  And going to an overnight low of 21F/-6C.

Tomorrow is gonna be another bitter COLD one – same as today.  But Thursday we will get back to the mid 50’s – which I’m sure will feel downright BALMY !!  lol


Thanks to BOONDOCKERS WELCOME I was able to secure five different places whereby I can boondock in Southern Ontario for (hopefully) the duration of my time here.  And the ‘plan’ (always jello) is to be in Ontario until I can return to beautiful Arizona again in the Fall.

Bennie really likes it here and is checking everything out.



My good friends Linda & Guy came to visit and Linda took these pics of the surrounding area.


Hey look, I even have my own private swimming pool !!  This body of water is for the Nurseries but apparently the kids swim in it during the Summer.

Very pretty to look at just outside my door.


The Owners of this property sure gave me a warm welcome and have even agreed to allow me to stay here for three weeks.

These folks just couldn’t be nicer !  But hey, they are fellow RV’ers (albeit not full-time) and also love to boondock.

I use ‘three weeks’ as my duration time pretty much anywhere as that’s how long I can go before I have to do the tanks.  I gotta move the rig then to deal with that.


As you can see by the way I am dressed it still is not warm.  But as the days progressed it actually did warm up a little.  One day we actually had a High of 24C/75F.  I stress “ONE” day.


Wait until you see what we woke up to this morning.  I’ll blog about that next !!