Thursday, October 30, 2014


Over the years there have been MANY pictures and even videos taken of me unloading my bike from the ‘garage’.  But never so many in a sequence !!

For those of you that know Ms. Barbara – well she NEVER is without her camera.


The ramps I had made to ‘soften’ the slope really work well.  Yes, There’s more work with putting the bike in and taking it out, however, with these extra ramps it is much, much safer.

I don’t know what Newmar was thinking when they made such a STEEP ramp !!

Slow and steady is the key here.  My ‘girl’ is one heavy sucker so I’m always extra cautious.

OH,  For my Northern friends you will notice the GORGEOUS background and sunny skies !!

Checking to make sure I’m semi-centred.

Almost there….

And you will notice that I’m still flat footed – something that was NOT achievable with the existing ramp due to the sharp slope.

Just another few inches…..

And she’s off the ramp and on solid ground !  Another successful landing !!


Oh Joy Oh Bliss !!

I’m really enjoying my time here at Leasburg Dam State Park.  It is quite beautiful.  Jeanne and Holly have gone on to explore other parts.  So it’s just Barbara and I.  Plus there’s Folks coming and going all the time.

Using this ‘wait’ time to get some maintenance items done but it’s still pretty hot here so if anything is going to get done it has to be done in the morning.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Left Roswell, NM and drove 185 Miles to Wally’s in Las Cruces, NM.  This US 70 route is very comfortable driving and this part of it was far more scenic.  At least it wasn’t one complete straight line.  Some curves and even some climbing and descending.


Doesn’t this look that awful “S” stuff.  Nope,  It’s that nice “S” stuff, meaning white SAND.



Occasionally I need a little ‘motivation’ to keep me awake while driving so I put the divine Ms. TINA on BUST.  This 30 second video will show some scenery as I drive and my little Bennie at the end – who BTW is not fazed in the least by the volume !!!

With only less than 20 more miles to go that day I could have made it to the State Park but I looked and felt like something ‘da cat dragged in so I chose to start fresh the following morning.

I arrived at Leasburg Dam State Park later in the morning the following day.  I was warmly greeted by my good friend BARBARA and met two other solo, woman RV’ers – JEANNE and HOLLY.

First order of business was to get the lawn chairs out and DO NOTHING !!  Accomplished !!