Thursday, October 23, 2014


My wiper blades arrived at the Pilot in Amarillo, TX yesterday afternoon and I went there immediately to get them and came back and put them on.  It was too late in the day though to get back on the road so I hooked up Ms. Daisy and had everything ready to pull out this morning.

BTW,  It sure was nice having Ms. Daisy to do my running around in while I was waiting for the wipers to arrive !!

Last Spring I took the TV out from the front area of the rig.  I wrote about that HERE.

I eventually found something to put there but just recently I thought a clock would go great there.  Found this one at Wal-Mart while hanging out in Amarillo and put it in that space.

Yes, I know, by looking at the picture it looks like it is totally NOT level.  But it is perfectly level.

Yup,  Set it to Arizona time right away.



I know I’ve said this many times over the last years, but I am sooooo lucky with my little Bennie.  As soon as I turn the key he goes to his ‘driving’ bed and that’s where he stays until I stop.


Changed my mind a gazillion times last night as to what route I was going to take.  There actually were several different options.  I was a bit apprehensive about getting off the main Interstate so I researched quite a bit about the distances between each Wal-Mart.


I eventually decided on taking the I-27 South from Amarillo and knowing I was going to be on smaller Highways I made sure I had a full tank of gas before heading out.  I wasn’t on the I-27 long before I swung right on the US Highway 60 and then 70 all the way to Roswell, NM.


I drove 220 Miles today – that’s a LOT for me.  Hadn’t planned on driving this far but the roads were good and the driving pleasant and relaxing.  However, not much in the way of scenery.


Pulled into Wally’s at about 4:00PM to a sunny 79F/26C.  Love that !!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


I’ve been on the road now 12 days and have been very lucky with the weather.  With the exception of only one day – every day has been bright and sunny and warm.

That one day exception was rain – and as Murphy’s Law would have it – that was the day my driver’s side wiper blade decided to DIE !!  And of course it was also the day AFTER I left the Newmar Factory !!

The rubber part came about 1/2 way off the track but again I was lucky enough to find a place to pull over and push it back on.  That got me through to the next stop where there was a Pilot, a large Auto Parts Store and a Wal-Mart – just to name a few.

Well my wipers blades must be unique in that they are 32” and NOT TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE.  The guy at the Auto Parts Store suggested putting on the 28” ones to get me through but oh no that didn’t work either.  Something was too big or too small and it would not fit on the arm.


So I called Newmar and ordered them sent to the Pilot location in Amarillo, TX.  Did you know you can get your mail sent to  these large truck stops ??  I sure didn’t.  Sure handy when you’re on the road travelling long distances !!

Now again, these wiper blades are VERY SPECIAL as they were $78.84 (US Dollars) EACH plus I paid an extra $30 or so to have them delivered in 3 days.  Total Canadian for two wiper blades = $209.46 !!!  Ability to see out the windshield when it’s raining = PRICELESS !!  LOL

I had hoped the UPS package would perhaps arrive early (yesterday) but no such luck.  I checked their website and it says it’s guaranteed to arrive at Pilot today – by end of day.  Well it’s 2:00PM now and not arrived yet.

Took advantage of my downtime here yesterday and sent Bennie off to PetSmart to get groomed.  Poor little guy was so shabby looking it looked like he didn’t have a Mamma !!

While he was there I had several hours to kill.  What to do ?  What to do ??


Ahhhhhh,  I could ‘browse’ through there for awhile I suppose.  HEY !!  I haven’t stopped at ONE HD on this entire trip !!!


Found a few things…..

I do enjoy my stickers…..


And like I really needed another T-Shirt !!


But it’s not WHITE so Jo and Toune (folks I met over the Summer) would be proud of me !!


REALLY needed another pair of jammie bottoms…..NOT !!  LOL


But I did need a new mat for by the kitchen sink.


Hopefully my wipers will arrive today and tomorrow I’ll be back on the road.

Decided to change my route and head South from here and stop for a week or so at Leasburg Dam State Park where my Friend BARBARA is presently staying.

That should work out well as it’s still too hot in Yuma and even in Quartzsite for me.

Also by going this route I can stop in Deming to see my Friend Lee.