Sunday, July 5, 2015


It appears that way huh.  I’ve completely lost interest in blogging.  What’s up with that !!??

I know there have been times in the past where I’ve gone long periods of time without blogging but it was always on my mind that I needed to do a post.

This time is different – it’s not even on my mind.

Perhaps that will change – Perhaps it won’t.  I just don’t know.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015


I’ve been back in Canada (British Columbia) for three weeks now and still haven’t finished blogging about Utah.

It’s been mostly cold and wet here – but let’s not talk about that right now – let’s go back to Utah where Joe/Tara and I took another amazing ride and Joe played some golf.

We stopped by the Golf Course so Joe could check it out and he booked to play the following day.  Now I’m not a golfer but look at this view !!



On our many rides into the gorgeous little Town of Springdale I noticed this sign for Kolob Reservoir and thought we should explore that.  I did some research on the Internet and noted it was at an elevation of 8,118 feet !  YIKES !!

I figured we would NOT make it all the way up seeing as it was still only March 22nd and the Internet showed this picture of the road conditions in late April…


“Snow beside the partially paved road to Kolob Reservoir, in late April.”

Some information I got off the Internet:

“The reservoir is a popular fishing destination for both local residents and non-residents. 

Kolob Reservoir is generally accessible by vehicles from early April through December.”

From the turn-off in the little Town of Virgin, UT it’s about 25 Miles straight UP !

The ride was really nice and very scenic.


At one point we came upon construction where they had the pavement torn out and there was the dreaded GRAVEL.  Fortunately at that point there was a couple coming down (on a sensible dirt bike) so we asked them how far the gravel went.  They told us only about a mile so we continued on.

Check out the scenery !!


At another point we stopped and Joe wanted to turn around – WUSS that he is.  You see he left on this ride NOT wearing his chaps and NOT wearing gloves.  I ‘specks he was getting cold.  I, on the other hand, WAS wearing nice warm gloves and my chaps so I wasn’t cold….yet.


The higher we got – the more of the white stuff we saw on the side of the road.


At another point we saw this sign so figured we now HAD to go to the end….


I will admit it was a very cold 3.5 Miles at this point though.

We ended up going right up to the TOP !!  And this is what we saw when we arrived there….


One brave soul fishing…


And YES – SNOW on the ground.  Although Tara is smiling here she is FROZEN !!


We sure didn’t dilly dally there for very long as we were anxious to head DOWNHILL to some warmth.  Joe very quickly put on his chaps and gloves !!  LOL

As you can see both Joe and Tara are much happier now and much warmer.