Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Or more commonly simply called TPMS.

Last year I finally purchased a TPMS and in hindsight this is something I should have done the very first year on the road !  It has already paid for itself a gazillion times over by alerting me TWICE regarding a bad tire on the Tracker.

Even when I’m parked (the RV) for weeks at a time and go out and about just with the Tracker, I bring it with me.  I’d now like to have one for my motorcycle.

Well the great Folks over at RV GEEKS have a contest going on now whereby you could win one for FREE ! You can enter their contest HERE

I’ve been subscribing to their website and have entered their contests (never won though Crying face) for several years now and have never once received any Junk Mail as a result of subscribing or entering their contests !

There is a wealth of great information and instructional video’s on their website. These guys are the REAL DEAL ! 

As a matter of fact it is their RV Lot that I’m going to be renting in British Columbia over the Summer as they traipse around in their RV.

And to my fellow Bloggers, please feel free to post the link for the contest on your own Blogs.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


It was fine – I was doing my usual stuff on it – then I shut it down the other night and went to bed.

But I couldn’t get to sleep, so an hour later I got up and turned the computer back on.

Got this gawd awful screen with an error message on it and couldn’t go any further. I had NOT been doing any updates or downloads.  It is quite a mystery.

Rushed it immediately to EMERGENCY (Best Buy) and they said they will have to restore it to its original status – meaning I lose everything on it !!  EVERYTHING !!

They did call to say they tried to fix it without me losing all my files but NO GO !

Thankfully I had done a back up only about a week before so I didn’t lose a whole lot.

I’m using my little 10” mini computer which is totally useless and oh sooooo slow.

Hoping to get my main computer back tomorrow and then begins the re-installing software and hopefully will be able to figure out how to restore from my back up.

I’ve had a computer pretty much from Day One of home computers and in all that time I have never gotten a virus nor had any problems.

Now this is twice just within the last six months.

Me Nerves !!